Just because we don't agree doesn't mean either one of us is right or wrong.
If we try your method first and it fails, then it's time to try a different method.
Education the natural process of life.
Always strive to get an education and never rely on what others consider to be an acceptable education for any aspect of your life.
A herb is a plant that is valued for flavor, scent, or other qualities.
Herbs are used in cooking, as medicines, and for spiritual purposes.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

We are our own worst enemy.

Oh yea, just step back and take a closer look at mankind and our history. From when we discovered how to make tools. Some of our tools of convenience are well worth the effort, but you have to admit, mankind has the habit of corrupting the products we have developed. I would say the blade would be the first of these, it was a tool of practical needs. Used for skinning and cutting the foods and wood necessary for preparing our meals, then we mostly likely used it to protect our families from the wild animals of the world. It then became the tool of choice for protecting our families against other humans. And since then we have discovered more ways to kill others, than we have in trying to find a peaceful co-existence with one another.

We are now not only inflicting death face to face, but we are doing it physically from distances of 1,000's of miles. Let's not forget about the studies in chemical warfare, who best to make these discoveries than the people who develop our medicines for us. Remember the Nazi's started us on this slippery ride with their chemical testing on Jewish people in the concentration camps.

Now we have laws that require people to accept modern medical sciences as the only choice for everyone. Personally I consider this to be the same as legalised chemical testing for profit. If any of you doubt this concept, ask your doctor to sign a contract to accept responsibility for the damages they may cause you. Ask your politicians to prove these products are the right choice for everyone, I've read the labels and saw the ads on the television. Every over the counter and prescription drug recommends consulting your primary physician first, they also do not actually guarantee them to work for everyone.

The drug commercials are the primary reason I don't watch TV any more. After hearing the side effects of some of those products I have chosen to live with what ails me, it's actually practical and safer for my continued existence which I believe to be approximately 12-15 more years at best. This is my own damn fault, not the fault of others. But, to impose upon and/or intimidate people to accept products that no one can guarantee to be right for you is simply wrong. We have to start being practical and protect ourselves from those who seem to believe the advances of science is the cure for everything.

Nature has it's own way of revolting against it's illnesses. Just as the human body has a way of telling you something is wrong if you have the patience to listen to it. This is why I am for a common sense policy in regards to our drug problems, and believe people should have the right to decide what extent we as individuals should consider these advances as acceptable.

Not Just A High - Science News

 Endangered Before Birth

Recycling and self education.

Some people have at times called me a hoarder. To some extent I am. I started recycling old computers, but not in the way some people would think. What I do is clean them up, dust them out and install what is called open source software. This is tedious at times. As a matter of fact all the desktop computers in our house are recycled, including the one I'm using now. Some have been passed on to me, others were rescued from the trash. My wife is using the first one I every recycled it's a mid size case that only needed a power supply, hard drive and software. I am using 2 at the moment, one is a regular size desktop (which I traded for) and the other is a server size which I was asked to haul to the trash. I have already posted that in a previous blog. These 2 computer are tied together with hardware I rescued.
2 computers, 1 keyboard, 1 monitor, and 1 mouse, all I do is hit scroll lock twice to swap between them. I haven't taken the time to network all our computers together yet.  This is another phase of my continuing education to explore.

My favorite blend is from Ireland called Linux Mint. My preferred desktop environment is the lightweight XFCE.  I am following my father's steps when it comes to continuing my education, I seek out information and read about what I want to know. I have the desire to learn more about computers, I started by cleaning them up, then installing the hardware I have acquired, then the software is the final step. Since I have discovered Linux software, it has proven to be very reliable and stable. My fondness is to explore it more, to the point of using it to built websites, possibly even selling recycled computers with open source software and maybe even installing it for those who have computers that have software compatibility issues. It can and does work as well, if not better than the #1 installed software Windows by Microsoft. There are free courses online available to help one prepare for certification.  

I guess one would need to have a passion for wanting to learn, but also to understand their limits and accept the pace of which they have the ability to learn. You can't really rush this process I think. So we all have to be fairly open minded on the subject of what an acceptable education is. 

Practice what you learn, because practice makes perfect.
Be practical in your goals.
And above all else be patient with yourself.

We have a problem.

First, a little something my daughter found on the web.

I really don't think this is what our founding fathers expected our country be known for. I can just image them looking down from the heavens, shaking their head and asking themselves if what they did was worth the effort.
Then a little question I started asking our politicians:

Yes, I did ask. Don't the people deserve to know how we are defined? Or what our leaders define as a respectable citizen? This is not the answer I was expecting from some one who wants people to have any faith in their ability to represent us. So far Mr. Tim Griffin is the only one to reply. I do have to give him credit for that, which he deserves. His bio states he is a veteran of our armed forces. I respect him for his voluntary service to the people.

My father retired with 22 years of honorable service to this country. I am proud to say that he is credit to the armed forces. He is also one of the most educated people I know, who has only a high school education. He has continued his education by himself. Most of his knowledge is self taught when something interested him he set out to gather as much information as he could on his own. Knowledge is more rewarding than money will ever be.

It is my belief that the veterans and active service men/women serve to protect our rights:
1)to free speech for voicing our beliefs and opinions
2)to an education
3)to use the knowledge and information we have available to make fairly competent decisions
4)to discover what is right for us on an individual level
5)to be equally and individually different from all other people
6)to treat people as we would want to be treated
7)to decide to what extent we will consider the advances we have made as acceptable

After all, what's right and works for some, may not be right or work for others.

Now, I have only recently started getting involved with politics. I have also learned that from 1776 (when our ancestors declared our independence) to 1933 (when our illustrious leaders of that time passed the income tax laws) our government operated in the black. Yet since then we have been yo-yoing in and out of the black so much we have become dizzy. This tells me 2 things:
1)that the income tax laws are in fact useless and need to be amended.
2)our government is greedy and wasteful with the money they steal from the people.
And due to the different tax breaks this allows the corruption of politicians to run rampant.

I question the legality of corporate sponsored special interest groups and the effect they have on the people's right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Who can say that my definition of these is right or wrong? Why should we allow others to define these principal concepts for us?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Children the true victims of divorces and seperation.

Father Of Slain 2-Year-Old Speaks - Albuquerque News Story - KOAT Albuquerque

Our system of checks and balances needs to re-evaluate the way the divorces and separations are handled. I'll be the first to admit children need their mothers more when they are young than they need their fathers.
But sometimes leaving children with their mothers isn't the safest choice for them. Some mothers use the children out of spite. I have a suspicion that is the case here.

I may be wrong but, wouldn't it be a good idea to remove the children from the equation. First by finding 2 or more family members take temporary custody until the parents settle their personal problems with each other. And if they can't find a common ground, award custody to the family members who are caring for them preferably grandparents. The parents both pay support to an account or trust fund set up for the children.

We recently experienced a deadbeat parent sweep in a few counties in our great state of Arkansas, which is ok. My only problem is some of these parents can barely make it week to week with what they make now. So how is putting them in jail going to help anyone? If some of them can't afford to pay basic living expenses, how the hell can our judges expect them to be able to get the money to bail out?

I have a solution to this or maybe an alternative concept. First instead of jails and fines, how about a community service based program, we have a lot of children who do require someone to be able to check up on them. Put these parents to work anywhere from 2-4 times a month with child protection services pay them an hourly wage use that money to pay for their back child support. While they are employed they can spend the time checking on the children whose have questionable guardianship. Now I also believe there will be some who chose to ignore this as an acceptable option. But then there are those who are good parents, it's just a financial burden in these times to support 1.5 households.

Utah man accused of sexually abusing kids to be freed - CNN.com

Utah man accused of sexually abusing kids to be freed - CNN.com

I find this to be really disturbing. It's proof that our priorities are bassackwards. How can this be the concept of what justice is?
When a sexual predator can be released like this, but someone who chooses to consume and grow marijuana is discriminated against for preferring a safer and less dangerous product of nature over manufactured products.

These animals need help that they aren't getting. The children they abuse have to live with these memories for the rest of their lives, and I can just imagine that places a lot of mental conflicts on them as they age.
How would these children feel if later in life they do turn to drugs and are arrested for them, only to be sentenced longer for drug charges then the people who abused them? I would be pretty disappointed knowing violent criminals and sexual predators get away with relatively light sentence compared to what drug offences sentences are.  Hell, I am disappointed about.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Peanut Theory and How It Works

As we all know peanuts are an excellent source of protein. Peanuts and peanut by-products are sold and used everyday across the nation. The problem is that there are approximately 1/4 of a million people (less then 10% of the population) in the USA who are deathly allergic to peanuts. Now that means peanut are not an acceptable option for them, so they have to find an alternative which their body will accept. For our vegetarian friends that will be a little more of a challenge.

So let's look at the products approved under the CSA (Controlled Substance Act) in the same light as peanuts.
First there's alcohol:
1)an estimated 85,000 deaths a year due to alcohol related illness or health problems. (Depending on whose statistics you want to trust)
2)an estimated 35,000 deaths a year due to drunk drivers.
3)an estimated 20,000 injuries a year due to drunk divers.
4)an estimated 100,000 reports of people being mentally and physically abused by someone under the influence of alcohol.
5)the millions of people who are members of AA (The ones smart enough to admit to themselves they have a problem and seek help) Thank you by the way.
Common sense should tell it's not the right choice for some people, and the intelligent thing to do is find an alternative product to consume that is easier to take control of.

Second there's over the counter drugs:
We have an estimated 7,000 deaths a year due to adverse reactions to them, and no telling how many people there are who have found themselves allergic to them. To be honest I haven't explored that just yet.
So again we have another product that's not the right option for all the people.

And lastly we have prescription drugs:
The reports on this are conflicting, the lowest estimate is 35,000 deaths due to error by a patient, I have read (and it's been awhile) in a medical journal there are an estimated 300,000 deaths a year in hospital due to misdiagnoses by physicians that were listed as medical mistakes instead drug related deaths.
So again more products that are not the right choice for everyone, not only that but the doctors who administer these products aren't experts for they will tell you there is no way they can predict how you will react to them. Medical science and compound medicines aren't an exact individual specific science in this day and age.

Then there's cannabis until 1944 it was listed as having medicinal properties in the pharmacological library for minor aches, pains and various illness. There is no evidence proving that consuming it in it's natural form has ever resulted in a death. This doesn't mean it's the right choice for all the people, there are some that cannabis will not be of use to them and it probably causes them problems. Knowing this makes cannabis an unacceptable option for some of the people.

So we know that the products approved by the government isn't the right product for all the people, that makes them an unacceptable product for some people. Now why is it that people have a difficult time understanding this very basic science?

So I wonder how can reasonably intelligent people be expect to believe that consuming marijuana is wrong for everyone?

Petroleum based plastics not as recyclable as we were told.

This article is an example of why we need to find a different source for plastics.

There are plenty more, like this. Which took less than 30 years to form.
I have wondered is this the legacy of a superior intelligent species? I mean if we really are the intelligent species, shouldn't we be taking better care of what we have?  And would promoting progress also insure we don't destroy it at the same time?

I have stated before that we need to treat this world as a living being. If we were to treat it as we would want to be treated it will provide for us and our future generations. The true American citizens (Native Indians) knew that, were practical about it. They killed for survival, and only took what was necessary for their basic survival needs. But also they gave back by not wasting what they received.

There have been a few people in our history who saw these concept to be true. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Henry Ford, and Levi Strauss to start. But Henry Ford is the one of interest to me, he developed a plastic that was actually environmentally friendly and biodegradable. This plastic was also made from the same agricultural product he used to make ethanol fuel for the automobile industry he helped revolutionise. Industrial hemp that is presently illegal in the USA for any purposes.


Seamonkey Internet Suite

I thought I'd take a break from my rants and spread the word about an open source web software that I truly enjoy using over any of the others.

Seamonkey Internet Suite

It's a web browser, email client with integrated address book, composer, and even has a chat program if you like that kind of thing. the mail client is also my newsreader software of choice. Google.com is my home page for all my browser and I use their reader also. I would like to move the feeds from there to Seamonkey and get away from using Google reader. But that's another project for another time.
Now it took a little bit of time to set it up to my liking, but I have it done.  There are different add-ons available. It's from the same people who brought you Firefox. Some of Firefox add-ons work with Seamonkey quite well, while others aren't compatible at all. But with enough patience there are alternatives to be found. Such as add this I use the bookmarklet which is an share icon in my bookmarks toolbar. Stumbleupon has a it's own toolbar which I have also installed for when I decide to glance around at random sites.
I have been using this for 7-8 years now, it's not exclusive I do have Firefox, Chromium, and a few other open source browsers.

My family uses open source software on all our computers.

I've been called a pothead.

That's right I received this message on Facebook:
"Let me guess you are a pot head?"
And my reply was this: 
No, I'm a realist. I have come to understand that alcohol, over the counter and prescription drugs have proven themselves to be the wrong choice for some people. And I question why we have a law that requires reasonably intelligent people to actually believe cannabis is wrong for all the people. I also wonder why we don't use it to replace the fuels in our cars, to make a perfectly good biodegradable plastic like Henry Ford did for the automotive industry he helped revolutionise. Why we don't use it as clothing like Levi Struass did instead of the petroleum based polyesters we have now. As a rotation crop to remove all the dangerous chemicals we have saturated the earth with that gets in our water supply. Use it for making paper instead of destroying the forest that is home to so many animals that the people of Arkansas seem to enjoy hunting and eating.
Unlike some I'm not offended. Mainly because he doesn't know me.  And the only time I maybe offended is when someone I know calls me that, but they better know me well enough personally first. If the occasional use (a maximum of 8 ounces a year) is the definition of a pothead then yes I might be. But I don't think that can be classified as an addict. After all drinking a case or 2 of beer doesn't classify people as drunks, does it? Maybe an alcoholic, but definitely not a drunk.
I also sent this link:  http://www.soberpursuit.com/arkansas/
It is for a rehab clinic in our Natural State (my state's motto). If you would take a close look at the statistics they list you have to question the practicality of it. It actually shoots itself in the foot before it opens the door. According to them I am almost 4x as likely to die abiding by the law then I am breaking the law.
All in all I think I can not only live with the label pothead, but I think I can sleep at night with a clear conscious. Knowing that I am safer using natural organics over the manufactured products. Beside I would much rather be a pothead than a drunk any day of the week. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Obama Town Hall

4/20 Obama Facebook Town Hall

I have posted a few questions here. I admit most concern marijuana, but some question the concept of the ethics and morals of those who want to continue enforcing the failed marijuana prohibition law.
I believe I have a reasonable concept of the Controlled Substance Act, and I do believe it's necessary. So why is it so difficult to find a practical solution using basic common sense?
How is it constitutionally right to define my ability to be a respectable citizen based on what I choose to possess and consume under my own freewill? Now if I choose to use marijuana and while under the influence I was to intentionally disrupt my neighbors right to privacy or endanger the welfare of my family and the people of my community, yes I deserve to be treated like a criminal.
Now, I'm not saying using marijuana is right for everyone, so people should be able to discover what is right for them. Apparently, we are being required by law to ignore the fact that the products we are told to be the legal options aren't the right choice for everyone.
With all the possible uses of cannabis we have, thanks to our ancestors. One has to ask why we don't take advantage of it? It's a renewable biodegradable source for fiber (clothing,paper, plastic), food, fuel (ethanol a cleaner burning alternative to crude oil based fuels), medicine (minor aches and pains), and recreation (proven to be safer and less dangerous than alcohol).
Basically this denies the people the right to use the knowledge and information we have available to make competent decisions on their own. Also it's a conflict of interest that requires people to accept the beliefs of others as to the concept of what progress is defined as.  

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My concept of Law Enforcement.

But first, my condolences to the family of another young officer who died serving the people. There is at the moment very little information on why this tragedy happened.


I believe I have a reasonably sane concept of why we need law enforcement, so I don't have a problem with supporting them. What I do question is some of the laws we have, and why they seem to be on the extreme side. When are we going to stop and look at what our society has created?

And we have this.

Then this little bit of info:
How come this doesn't look like it's very practical?

In 8 years our prison population increased by almost 50%.
Weapon offenders and violent offenders make up a combined 22% of the population in our prison system. Honestly, these need to be the top priority of all the law enforcement agencies.

53% of the prison population is for drug offences. I am fortunate to understand the need for drug laws. But, let's be practical about it. Man the hell up, if your are so righteously sure of what is the right choice for me just get off your butt and accept responsibility for the damages and deaths caused by what you believe to be the right choice for everyone.

It's downright disrespectful to define a citizen by what they possess to consume under their own freewill, I believe a persons ability to be a recognized as a respectable citizen is defined by how they treat the people in their communities, and whether they have the ability to accept responsibility for the damages and/or deaths they may have been caused by their actions and decisions. This goes for all people.

I am truly hoping that the officers death wasn't the result of a law that is to the extreme as some in our legal system are.

Prison closings.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Compound medicines can't fix every health problem.

This is why we shouldn't accept compound drugs as the only choice or the right choice for everyone.

An Addict Before Birth

There is no acceptable reason to believe that the modern chemicals of medical science will be right for everyone, nor should we be imposed upon to believe they are the only solution to every health problem.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thousands in Mexico Take to Street to Protest Drug War -- We Need to Do the Same Here

This is 40 yrs. old, and should never been allowed to happen in the first place.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Responsible use and how a few bad apples spoil the whole bushel.

An example of why responsible marijuana users are treated like criminals.

This is why we the people who believe there is such a person as a responsible marijuana user are having a long overdue battle to change a failed policies. Let's place the burden of responsibility on those who claim the responsibility of deciding what's right or wrong.
I've already discussed the peanut theory earlier. And also how if people are so sure it's wrong to possess marijuana, why and when are they going to prove they are moral enough to accept responsibility for the damages and deaths caused by what someone else believes we should accept as the right products for everyone?

4/21/2011 update:
Well, I decide to add a little more here on this subject after thinking about it.
If it was decriminalised to possess marijuana and a crime to consume in public or in a vehicle would this man had just pulled over and taken the ticket? Honestly we wouldn't know for sure.
Nobody seems to be willing to consider this as an acceptable option.

On The Cheap Therapy for the Soul.

I have a release for what's troubling my mind. I started blogging for a while then took a hiatus from it. (Actually negligence of my blogspot.) This is to get the ideas of mine in print somewhere. Not to be abusive of anyone in particular, it's to hopefully rethink the possible ways of treating the problems we all face sometime in our lives.
I have read that writing about what is wrong, may help find a reasonable, workable solution to solve a problem. If nothing else it does soothe my heart and soul.

Now, why do we keep claiming to be the superior intelligent species on this planet? How can this be true? As a species we are our own worst enemy, and the great thing about that no one can prove me wrong about that little fact. And yet people seem to choose not to accept it as being true. Look at the discoveries we have made during the history of mankind, not all of them have been beneficial to the human species. Most of the manufactured products we have developed through the years haven't been the best product for all the people.

This is an example of the CSA working as intended.

Ark. resort raided, owners, 2 residents arrested

As I said, (This is an example of the CSA working as intended).
How is this? First I don't agree with the all the policies of the CSA. We shouldn't define the people's ability to be respectable and responsible citizens by what we possess to consume. We should be able to define one's citizenship by how they treat the people of their community and by whether they have the morals to accept responsibility for the damages and/or deaths caused by their negligent actions and decisions.

Honestly, I can't seem to be able to understand why anyone in their right frame of mind would want to willingly use any type of chemical mixture. This includes alcohol, over the counter and prescription drugs.

But, since there are people who do want to use, DON'T ENDANGER THE WELFARE OF AN INNOCENT CHILD WITH YOUR IGNORANCE. The potential dangers are explosive. If you want to burn yourself up that's one thing, go ahead and knock yourself out. GET YOUR PRIORITIES IN ORDER THOUGH. Be a good parent make sure your children are safe first. Second get away from as many people as possible, I'd be really pissed if you were to blow my place up with your toxic crap. Third, really think about what your doing and decide whether you have the courage to be responsible for any and all damages you may cause while under the influence of your poison.

I have accepted the fact that people will continue to try different things. Not that I really like some of them. But we have went overboard on the prohibition policies, and they have proven to fail.

The policies should protect the innocent such as this 2 yr old child and the people whose lives may be in danger in that community. If people choose to use and manufacture for their own use, here's an idea. License individuals in the USA to manufacture. Yea, some people would say that's stupid. Think about it we already have people in place who can be redeployed for inspecting the labs, checking permits, we do have some of the best quality control programs of the world. Even though some of them go beyond the use of basic common sense. We claim to be the superior intelligence on this planet, yet we don't like the facts we try to change them. How about we find a way to take advantage of them? Use a little common sense.

There are people at the borders already in place to be deployed as collectors and inspectors for the government. Yes, this is a concept that hasn't be thought of by those in power. If the drug cartels of the world wants to keep shipping their products into the USA they pay a tariff. If a product is found on someone attempting to smuggle them into the country, confiscate, test the quality, and resell to a licensed supplier if it is of clean quality. If not dispose of it properly.  

Continuing to enforce the policies that are presently in place is the same as passing a law that requires every citizen to consume peanuts or a peanut by-product daily. It won't work, simply because there are too many peoples lives at stake due to allergies. We seem to enforce a law that ignores one basic fundamental fact: what's the right choice  for some of the people may end up being the wrong choice for other people. This law is imposed upon the people by people who don't know us as individuals well enough to have the final say as to what we believe is the right product for us to consume.  

I'll be the first to admit I don't really care who knows I would like to be able to consume marijuana without being discriminated against by my employees (OVEREDUCATED ELECTED OFFICIALS). I wouldn't mind paying a $100.00 a yr registration fee, if I could also legally grow the 6-10 plants I may consume a year. Sorry to disappoint you, not everybody is an over abuser of the herb. A full 30 grams of herb will last me about 45 days.
Now, my ideal grow space would be 12"-16"wide by 16"deep by 18"-24"tall. We are talking about 6-10 plants that never get more than 12"-18"tall. each one may produce as much as 20 grams (approx. 2/3 of an ounce). So essentially with that in mind I would never be in possession of more than 1.5 ounces of cured consumable herb.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Reading worth remembering.

Crime vs Common Sense
It seems crime is winning over basic common sense. This should be a wake up call to the legislators. Violent crime should be the priority of our laws first. In other words our citizenship should be defined by how we treat others in our communities, or whether we have the morals to accept responsibility for the damages and deaths caused by our actions and decisions.

4-5 year old Linux newbie.

I call myself a newbie when it comes to Linux, as I see it. I would best call what I do more accurately as an unofficial Linux tester. As with most users we all have favorites to use. Mine is Linux Mint.

Along the way I also discovered a passion for recycling discarded computers. Most are reloaded and tested with 2 hard drives for a dual boot. My latest is an Enterprise Server Chassis. Mine only has a 450 psu.

I like the minimal clutter on my desktop. Steampunk themed wallpaper found on the web. AWN as my taskbar and shortcuts. Linux Mint 10 Gnome with Xfce as the desktop environment. This is my preferred environment.
My other disc has Linux Mint Fluxbox 9 with my preferred desktop environment, and one of these Serenity themed wallpaper.   

I have wondered if I could turn both testing Linux and recycling of discarded computers into a reliable source of income.  I'm guessing that if I do OEM installs on my recycles maybe sell them around $100-150 range I could do fair part time. Or charge $60-75 for installing OEM versions for customers and also supply the disc.

Back to my blogspot, for how long? Who knows!

I decided to start slowly getting back to weblogging some of my interests and thoughts. So let's start with this article I posted on my Facebook. It's been awhile since I've been here. My on the cheap therapy sessions.

Failed policies.

For the most part I believe people want to be good natured, and get along well with all the other people, be respectful to all. You know learn to play well with others.
As I stated (Alcohol isn't the right choice of recreation for some of the people, just as peanuts aren't the right source of protein for some of the people).
There are billions of dollars collected annually from licenses, permits, and taxes on alcohol. Where the hell does that money go? Does it cover any hospital bills due to injuries caused by a drunk driver? Or how about paying for any funeral arrangements for someone killed by a drunk driver? Is it used to assist and council those who have been mentally and/or physically abused by someone under the influence of alcohol?  
Then we watch as billions of dollars are spent on prohibition laws that don't work, simply because it fails to recognise one very important fact: we are equally and somewhat individually different from one another. What may be the right choice for most of the people, may be the wrong choice for some of the people.
So please if people are so sure the marijuana is the wrong choice for everyone: with my permission start accepting all responsibility for the damages and deaths caused by the products you believe to be the right choice and only choice for everyone. Show having some sense of intelligence, ok. 
Ask yourself this: Do you know yourself well enough personally to always know what is right for yourself? So why should I believe anyone else knows me well enough to have the final say as to what is right for me? Don't we all have a mind? To think with, make discoveries with. Isn't it wrong to deny people the right to learn as they see fit or feel comfortable with? 
Kind of like everything in life, discovering what works for you with out infringing on people's right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And why is it some people believe their definition of that has any higher priority than my definition.