Just because we don't agree doesn't mean either one of us is right or wrong.
If we try your method first and it fails, then it's time to try a different method.
Education the natural process of life.
Always strive to get an education and never rely on what others consider to be an acceptable education for any aspect of your life.
A herb is a plant that is valued for flavor, scent, or other qualities.
Herbs are used in cooking, as medicines, and for spiritual purposes.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

An old Compaq Presario 1670 laptop.

This is a project I've been wanting to complete for some time now.  Finally, this laptop is maxed out with 192mb of ram and has a 3.5 gig hdd installed. I started with a Debian LXDE netinstall, which ended up being a damaged install. After a few days of reading, a lot of patience, some time using xterminal, I believe it is repaired and loaded with a bare minimum Gnome desktop environment. I still have 1.2 gigs of free disk space available.

It's not the fastest computer, but it's close to being as fast as some of my customers computers that are loaded with XP or 7.