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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Welcome to America

Welcome to America,
home to 5% of the world's people
25% of the world's prisoners,
51% of these prisoners are for non-violent drug offenses.

Two recent local news stories I find of interest to this. Some people didn't seem to like my solution to the problem.

EZ Mart robbery and shooting

Father and son arrested for stealing trailers

Now I have a copy and paste campaign going for these stories.
It includes one of these prepared notes I keep on a notepad of my computer.

Here's a thought to consider:
We have a problem with SUBSTANCE ABUSE, both legal and illegal substances. Why don't we quit wasting our money on enforcing this failed policy? So far we have been fighting this WAR ON DRUGS for 40 years. Now I'm not a genius by no means, but I'd have to say this battle will not be won with threats of fines and/or incarcerations.

Instead of continuing to fight an unbeatable enemy, let's do something constructive with that money. Let's start by HIRING MORE POLICE TO PROTECT THE PEOPLE AND THEIR PROPERTY from the violent criminals who show no remorse or respect for people's lives and property.

Now we also waste money on the prosecuting and incarceration of non-violent drug offenders. How about we stop that? Save that money and focus on using it for the violent criminals, for some reason we can't seem to get them off the streets and keep them locked. Well, doing this we will have the necessary space in the jails and prisons so they can serve their full sentence without parole or early release for good behavior.

Now see how easy that is, and all it took was changing perspectives of our prohibition policy, that's success can only be measured by it's FAILURE.

Or this:

Just think of the billions of dollars spent every year in promoting the failed prohibition laws that persecute, prosecute, and incarcerate non-violent cannabis (commonly referred to as marijuana) users under the claim of protecting the people from themselves.
Sorry, I don't need or want anyone to protect me from myself to that extent, this is overstepping the boundaries of your moral responsibility to the people. Your obligation as far as I'm concerned is to make recommendations or suggestions.
What we need and want is a police force and justice system that protects us from violent people who show no remorse in taking the lives of others. The money wasted on this failed policy would go along way towards putting a stop to these acts of violence.
The DEA claims that cannabis (marijuana) has a high potential of abuse, well so does alcohol and firearms. People aren't treated as criminals until after they injure or kill someone abusing alcohol and firearms.
So how can we continue to claim to have a fair system of justice?

Now, most of the people who comment on these call me an idiot or a pothead. No big deal for me, I'm not the one who is ignoring the problems this nation is facing. I also don't see anyone else posting any competent or even reasonable solution to the problems of crime.
I am questioning the concept of what is a crime, and how we should punish the people. The substance abuse problem we have is a health and social issue, not a criminal offense.
We are human and tend to make mistakes in life, if we choose to use substances and we don't use the knowledge and information available then that's our own mistakes. We know some people are more susceptible to abuse of these substances differently and you shouldn't be treated as a criminal for the use unless your abuse is associated with an injury or death.

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