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Thursday, July 21, 2011

I've been called an idiot.

At some time or other you will make a post on a news story, and some one will not agree with your post. The sad part is they will openly call you an idiot. This tells me that they have a difficult time finding a reasonable thought on their own.

What brought this about you ask? It had to do with the shooting of a convenience store clerk during a robbery. The robber didn't just take the money and run, he shot the clerk in the head. His picture is pretty clear on the video. And I have read that the suspect is in custody. I hope the clerk survives and I hope he isn't going to suffer if he survives.

Now, here's my post that justified a closed mind the right to claim I'm an idiot.

Just think of the billions of dollars spent every year in promoting the failed prohibition laws that persecute, prosecute, and incarcerate non-violent cannabis (commonly referred to as marijuana) users under the claim of protecting the people from themselves.
Sorry, I don't need or want anyone to protect me from myself to that extent, this is overstepping the boundaries of your moral responsibility to the people. Your obligation as far as I'm concerned is to make recommendations or suggestions.
What we need and want is a police force and justice system that protects us from violent people who show no remorse in taking the lives of others. The money wasted on this failed policy would go along way towards putting a stop to these acts of violence.
The DEA claims that cannabis (marijuana) has a high potential of abuse, well so does alcohol and firearms. People aren't treated as criminals until after they injure or kill someone abusing alcohol and firearms.
So how can we continue to claim to have a fair system of justice?

Billion of dollars can go a long way towards HIRING MORE POLICE OFFICERS AND PAYING THEM BETTER. Changing perspectives of our failed prohibition policies would also make ROOM IN THE JAILS FOR THESE VIOLENT CRIMINALS and maybe they will stay there long enough to serve their full sentence without parole.

I was kind enough to politely inform him that I didn't read any competent or reasonable solutions to help stop this type of violence from him or any other commenter on that news story. Now I'm not a genius, and I only have a high school diploma to show for 13 years of school. But, I do try to have an open mind and look at things in a different light.

Any way, thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it.

BTW, I been called worse and I'm still alive and kicking, I tend to let ignorance roll off.

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