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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Linux Mint 9 LTS XFCE version modified with e16 enlightenment.

Linux Mint 9 LTS XFCE version modified with e16 enlightenment. 
I have installed and prefer e16 version of Enlightenment window manager over the e17 version. Enlightenment runs faster on the older computers I use. A couple weeks ago I was tinkering around with the set-up and deleted the menu that opens with the left mouse click from my desktop. Last night it was restored and modified, there are some tweaks left to do to it still.
Here is the pictures of my 4 virtual desktops I have set for the e16 environment. The backgrounds are still being used, but there have been minor changes in the tool bars and placement of the desktop components.
I know that these pictures are a re-post, but felt they should be included in this post.





I haven’t bought a new computer in well over 12 years now, all the desktops in the house are rescued, recycled and refurbished with Linux Mint operating system.

I also have KDE software installed that I use, this is mostly used for my independent contracting company. I try to keep every aspect of my life separated with the different varieties of software.

My web browser of choice is called Seamonkey it is from Mozilla the people who brought you Firefox, Thunderbird and Prism. I also use these three software projects on a daily basis. This is being composed with the Seamonkey composer application as a test to expand my knowledge of what I can accomplish with it.

Update: I've been getting this tweaked and am so enjoying the e16 more every time I learn something about it.

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