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Friday, August 12, 2011

Continuing my Desktop Dabbling

My last post was about installing and setting up the e16 window manager, well today I finally re-installed and modified my desktop menu that is opened by the left mouse button. I have to say I am glad to finally learn how to do that.

I've mentioned I consider myself a newbie when it comes to Linux operating systems. In the process of learning more about e16 and setting it up, I also installed Prism software. It's a nice experience of site specific web browsing, instead of shortcuts or bookmarks on your browser. It sets the shortcuts to your desktop, I use it for Facebook, Tumblr and a few other sites.

As for editing and posting this blog I am presently using Arora web browser, it's a good editor and quicker for typing without a lot of lag time like some of my other browsers. I do have to use a different browser for uploading pictures to my blog for some reason. But that's just another hurdle to clear for another day.

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