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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Linux Education

Actually this is about the trials of loading the previously mentioned Compaq Presario 1670 laptop. It's been an educational experience for me. After much loading and reloading of various distributions, I have settled on a Debian base install.
I have also installed e16 a stable Enlightenment desktop environment, e17 is out and I have tested it. But, I think I prefer the more stable of the 2. I have even installed Linux Mint in the repository just to give it that Minty flavor I like.
The problem I found is that Linux Mint is built on the stable release of Lubuntu 10.04 if I'm not mistaken. Lubuntu is a derivative of Ubuntu which is built on Debian, they are not backwards compatible though. So the conflict is coming from the reworked Lubuntu packages.
I'll be uploading the Minted Debian e16 desktop @ my desktop snapshots along with the desktop of my Dell Latitude. Which I had to rework after I removed my hard drive, apparently my daughters hd crashed and she needed the memory of my hd, I can make do with the 2 laptops having minimum hard drives. The Compaq has a 4.3 gig hd, the Dell has a 3.3 gig hd. That's one of the reasons I chose to install the e16 desktop. I am most likely going to store all the backgrounds I use on these computer on a flash card or flash drive so I can change the look of my desktop. But for now I have plenty on my Minted Debian, now to replace the defaults on the Compaq. The wireless works on the Compaq, that's a plus.

These 2 laptops are for the Hughesnet satellite installs and will spend a lot of time in my truck. Both have a complete OS on them and are tweaked to my preferences with a little eye candy of my taste at the time.

Update of the Dell, I loaded Linux Mint LXDE and some how wiped out the root access to my OS. Here I am installing Linux Mint Fluxbox edition, after the install and updates I'll download the e16 desktop and the wireless drivers I'll need. Restart into the e16 desktop and remove the Fluxbox desktop, in theory this should change my default desktop environment at the next restart. Now if this works I'll try to download a kernel that will work with my Compaq Presario so that I can swap hard drives and do it all again. It's the only way I'm going to get wireless to work with it.

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