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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Compaq Presario 1670

Yea, it's an old laptop I have acquired a few years ago. It is equipped with 192 mb of ram, 4 gig hd, and pcmia card slot for the network cards I have. When I got it someone had squeezed Windows XP on it, unfortunately that was causing problems. Since then I have had Puppy Linux, Knoppix, Debris, and a few other distributions on it.

My last disto I tried on it was Mint, this is actually my distro of preference. I was able to install the LXDE version. This would have been great because I prefer the networking tools they have in the base system. But, the updates and upgrades after the initial install was hanging up. I am now in the process of installing Debian again. I have had it installed and running well. During the tweaking and setting it up to my personal preferences I either overloaded it with software or de-installed some needed software to boot correctly. The Gnome version was to heavy and required more storage than I had available, the Xfce version would on occasion not install all the components that I liked or lose access to them after the install. I have tried the LXDE through some package changing and found it to be a very fast OS for this computer. So, I'm presently installing it Debian LXDE straight off the net install disc.  

Compaq Presario 1670

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