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Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Testing of the e16 window manager.

I've been tinkering around with the e16 window manager lately. I am impressed with it to some degree. It runs well on some of the older computers I have restored.
Through this testing I learned that using the nautilus file manager isn't a good idea, it brings gnome components to my e16 set-up and then disables my menus. To get back to the base e16 window you have to do a hard restart by holding down the power button, this is not a good idea with the equipment I am working with.

In earlier post I mentioned the e16 window manager being installed on 2 laptops.
1st is a Compaq Presario 1670, I have a 4.3 gig hd and it's maxed to factory specs with 192 mb's of ram. I have to occasionally restart the window manager to get it to operate correctly. I am replacing the nautilus file manager with pcmanfm, a lighter and less demanding file system. This I have discovered will end the gnome components that annoyingly pop-up from time to time.
This is also the only machine that is running Debian. My other computers are loaded with Linux Mint. I would have it on here but it's being spastic about what it will load.
2nd is a Dell Latitude c600, it has a 3.3 gig hd and 256 mb's of ram. I started with a Linux Mint 9 Fluxbox install, did the updates after the initial install, downloaded e16, removed Fluxbox, cups, bluetooth and some other non-essential software packages, installed the necessary wifi software. So far it's the better running system. 

My only problem is understanding the some of the tutorials regarding the configuration of the e16 system. Manly getting the LXpanel and Gkrellm to autostart when I start the computer and enter the x-window.

Debian is heavy with gnome, so this is a way for me to discover what gnome components I can get out of a system without disabling it completely.

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