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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dabbling with my desktop.

As I've mentioned before I am trying to learn Linux. My preferred distribution is Linux Mint.
Recently I installed a window manager called Enlightenment, e16 version to be exact. Not really a fan of the newer e17 version, looks goods and runs good but not to my liking.

So I've been setting it up and deleted the menu activated by my left button on my mouse, this is what happens on occasion. Eventually I'll discover or read about how to get it back, this is in a good way I now know a few keyboard shortcuts. I've set it up with 4 desktop windows to work with and here they are in order. I'm looking at possible themes for when I change the backgrounds.

I think I'll get to like this once I get it set up. My first priority is to find out how to stop my mouse pointer from flickering in my web browser and also set a gtk+ icon theme I'm not sure but I think this will stop the flickering mouse problem. Second will be to get my menu back and set up to my liking.

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