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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Crashed, with no hope of recovery.

After a decent run my recycled Dell 2400 desktop finally crashed I believe. I shut it down to do a complete restart. It was acting kind of buggy. I had hoped it would do what was necessary to straighten itself out. Now I turn it on and then it kicks itself off then back on with no Dell start-up window or boot splash. I would say that the motherboard is fried. I check on it again later though.
What is a shame is that the case is a good clean case, no scratches a good power supply. I guess I could look for another motherboard for it.

I moved the hard drives to a newer case that I recently rescued found another motherboard, got it up and running. I have even downloaded a few more packages. I'm still looking for a png converter I used lately and can't seem to remember where or how I ended up with it. I do like it, this application converter screenshots to jpgs which doesn't use as much space on one hard drive.

I am going to go ahead and download the LXDE environment to tinker around with, it has a few features I have discovered a liking for. The most important one is the ability to open files in Pcmanfm as root. I have this desktop environment installed on 2 laptops at the moment and after setting them up I decided to see what they would be like on my desktop computer. The Linux Mint 9 (LTS) LXDE is loaded on a 3.3 gig hard drive with room to spare for a few extras. The last I checked I had almost 700mb of free memory, my best guess would be the the base install, swap, updating packages, and my download of prefer packages was around 2.5 gigs of hard drive.

I haven't brought myself to trash the Dell just yet, in hopes of possibly saving it. If nothing else I'll have a decent case and power supply to work with.

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