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Sunday, July 17, 2011

2 Stories involving the abuse of alcohol that made the news this week.

Mother losses 3 year olds

And here we are again, proof that alcohol isn't the right choice of recreation for some of the people, yet it is recognized as the ONLY legal choice for all the people.

Sure she needs help, locking her up probably won't help her and it sure wouldn't hurt her. But she has to be able to admit to her self she has a problem and she has to want to help herself, before anyone can be able to help her.

This is a quote from the head of the DEA: Administrator Michele M. Leonhart said she rejected the request because marijuana "has a high potential for abuse."
She has apparently forgotten that alcohol, tobacco, and firearms have a high potential of abuse. And she has the mentality that every person who uses marijuana is abusing it needs to end.

So why are we being driven to drink if it's not the right choice for everyone? And why are people being denied the option or opportunity to discover what is right for them to consume, so that they can control it, instead of it controlling them?

I know people who drink alcohol some don't abuse it, while there are others who do. So I can't judge everyone who drinks as being alcoholics or drunks, because that's not true.

When and if this young lady decides to really look at her life, she will discover that she only has herself to blame and she will have to decide what crosses she will carry. We can only hope that her decisions will be for good of her son.

Arkansas Oden dismissed from team after 2nd DWI

Yes, here is still more proof that alcohol is not the right choice of recreation for some people, the sad part is that it's the only legal recreational product for all the people.
People are treated as criminals for possessing cannabis, but your not treated as a criminal for alcohol until after you have been caught abusing them.
Alcohol is the most additively dangerous product legally available mind altering substance, and has ruined more lives than the use of cannabis ever will.

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