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Saturday, July 16, 2011


I've went and done it again, I tend to get involved with projects from time to time and neglect my blog. My recent projects were involving the advances of educating myself in different Linux distributions and setting up of desktops to my liking.

Some know that I am also vocal about the failed prohibition policies of our twisted justice system.

My apologies for those who do actually check my blog here. I don't keep up with who or how many visit. This is my place to speak my mind in order to find peace in my heart and soul.

So on to my Linux education. I recently tested SliTaz OS on an older laptop, it is a Compaq Presaio 1670. This is a computer that has proven to be difficult to find software for, mainly because the bios has not been updated in who knows how long.  I know it's not the most up to date equipment, but I like the small size of it. SliTaz runs extremely well on it and fast. There are some issues that I will have to address if I decide to keep it. Some will be time consuming as I learn to alter the setup for my desktop. Others are just finding a way to work out some bugs. My main reason of using SliTaz was the openbox environment. It's lightweight is perfect for a limited resource computer, which I seem to have an abundance of.

I do keep returning to Linux Mint though, they have my 2 favorite desktop environments in the stable LTS 9 release. XFCE and LXDE. I like XFCE but it has too many gnome components to rely on, where as LXDE doesn't. Don't get me wrong I don't mind gnome but it is a fairly heavy OS in my opinion, this is a problem when you are working with computers that have limited resources.

This old dog hopes to eventually learn enough to compile a desktop OS of my own whether it's a remaster or not, I would like to keep my mind occupied with learning more. I have been looking at Arch, DSL and LFS to compile my own system. My last set-up before SliTaz was a Debian based system using e16 environment, honestly I like prefer e16 over e17. I'm not sure why but I guess that's a personal taste.

I have discovered that Arora is a better browser for posting on my blog. So that will be the only reason I have it on my desktop. I have a variety of browsers for different reasons and profiles. My primary choice of browser though is Seamonkey. My daughter uses Chromium on this computer, I use Kontact, Konqueror, and rekonq (parts of KDE) for my independent contracting firm Diversified SubContracting and here these are my websites that I have built using Google free services.

My wife asked why I spend so much time messing with computers, for me it's simple I know in a few years I'll not be able to get around in attics or climb up and down ladders. So, I want to learn something that in my opinion is still in the stage of expanding (Linux) and can be financially beneficial, I don't expect to get rich from it, but I do hope to support my family with it.

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