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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The DEA and Redeployment of Their Services.

The Drug Enforcement Agency (commonly known as DEA) we have an unknown number of people employed by this government agency. They are suppose to be working for the people, not working for someone else's idea of what people should be. They are there and have been responsible for the defamation of character of so many good people with their continued effort to control the concept of what is acceptable. What is acceptable is of a personal nature and is up to the individual to discover for themselves. We are essentially different in all aspects of our lives. From our personal beliefs and opinions, desires and needs, and science has proven we are different in how we each react with what we consume.

So, we have to look at the products (alcohol, over the counter and prescription drugs) our government has claimed the responsibility of approving as the legal options for all the people. By claiming these products as the only legal options they are in fact stating these items are the right choice for everyone. Well, considering the amount of damages, number of deaths, the health problems, and social issues associated with them, you don't have to be a genius to see these aren't the right choices for some of the people. So I have to wonder how it's right to use threats of fines and/or incarceration in an attempt to intimidate people into believing cannabis is wrong for everyone to consume. There has been no known evidence it's wrong for all the people, just that it's the wrong for some people. Apparently this little fact is difficult for some to comprehend.

I know some people will not like this concept, but it's time to change our perspective and tactics.
So on with the decriminalizing of the illicit drugs as they are called by our government, who we employ.

Now to redeploy our employees to be of better use to the government and people of this nation. First, they are already in place so there won't be a need to relocate anyone or put more people in the unemployment line, we are just changing the status of their employment by focusing it in a different direction. Second, the direction is to save valuable revenue and to acquire more revenue in an acceptable fashion that doesn't dig into the taxpayers pockets that are stretched to their limits already.

This starts with those at the borders, they will continue to search for smuggled products. These officers will also be in charge of collecting the tariffs on the drugs coming in, if the drug cartels want to continue sending the drugs that are so profitable to them into the USA they have to pay a tariff this will cover the expenses of rehab clinics. Now we all know there will be those who attempt to smuggle drugs, they get one chance to declare them after that if they are found to be smuggling well all I can say is they've lost their drugs to the DEA who in turn have a list of people authorized to sell drugs in the USA. These retailers collect taxes but they are also able to bid on confiscated drugs.

There should be two levels of retailers one for cannabis, and another for cocaine and meth. With all the cocaine and meth coming into the states from Mexico these agents will need to conduct test for quality. The cocaine and meth being the primary concern for testing, but because of some questionable practices in the drug trade they should conduct testing on cannabis also. Me, personally I don't want my cannabis laced with anything, but I don't want people consuming poison that may kill them either. (I can't fathom why anyone would want to consume coke or meth, I just know some people are more susceptible to using them than other people are.)  We do know enough about the harsher drugs and in testing the quality should be able to verify that they are in fact a safer form of poison.

As for the cannabis, again authorized retailers the same as with alcohol. One, there are people too lazy to grow their own and they would rather pay for it. You don't have to have a permit to make your own alcohol so don't expect me to pay for the right of growing my own. Two, it will be an additional tax base for the communities that are strapped for money. Three, it will stop the wasting of money in our courts, which can be used to raise the salaries of our officers. Plus saving space in the jails for the more dangerous and violent criminals.

And yes, common sense will tell you that people will abuse these drugs, look at the history of mankind we can't seem to stop our abusing nature. The amount of abuse will not be known for a few years but, I'm betting that by changing perspectives of drug abuse there will be less of it, along with more responsible users. People like choices and they really prefer to discover for themselves what is right for themselves individually. What's right for some the people isn't always right for all the people. Just remember more people die a year from eating peanuts than they do from consuming cannabis.

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